"These sessions have helped children gain confidence, learn performance skills and encourage them to speak easily in front of others. I would happily recommend this to any school"
S Nickals, Langbourne Primary London SE21

"Sarah combines creative flair and imagination with exceptional gifts as a teacher. Not only is she an exciting communicator, she also knows instinctively how to draw out the very best from each individual and how to make a company shine."
Jeremy Walker-Producer NYMT

'Having worked closely with Sarah for the past eight years in a variety of settings and with a wide range of participants, from primary schools students to young adults, I can vouch for her skill, professionalism and commitment. For the seven years she worked as a returning facilitator on Claremont High School's flagship primary school project, Creative Stages, Sarah could always be relied upon to deliver a high-end product with real educational value. A great addition to any team and creative process.'
Dominic Francis, Creative Producer - Performing Arts Specialism, Claremont High School

Tiny Turns

"I've no idea what you lot got up to yesterday but my kids were chasing elves at the top of their voices all the way home and my normally quiet Amelia has transformed into a loud gobby child over-night!!!The 3 of them had a great time by all accounts. Thanks to you!"
Amanda-Streatham mum of Tiny Turns members

"The places and the people that Niamh has met through creative drama have taken her far beyond any classroom. She has climbed mountains, hailed Elephants and found her alter ego in a mermaid. Her imagination can only inspire me and it is a joy to watch."
Rachel-Tiny Turns Mum

"Olivia has really taken to her drama lessons, and its made a real difference. Where she used to be painfully shy and awkward, she now has a social confidence that is transformed. She's more confident, and therefore happier in school, better able to take part in lessons and adept at having conversations with adults. More unexpectedly, it's given licence to her imagination, and the flights of fancy she heads off on and the sense of humour she shows have been a real delight. The impact has been on more than just her enjoyment and drama skills, very welcome though they are, it's been about how her social development has been hugely accelerated. It's been fantastic."
Olivia's Dad-Tiny Turns

"Nobody would have ever called my 5 year old daughter shy; she has always been a good verbal communicator but was much less confident in being open and free with any physical communication or sharing her thoughts/ideas in public – too self aware and worried about what others might think! However not any more, Tiny Turns drama club isn’t about learning to act it’s about the children working as a team to interpret their ideas of what they want to experience during their hour. Its lead and directed to ensure that they reach an end goal that they can understand and in the meantime have learnt all about completion.
In short, I like it, I like what it has and is doing for my 5 year old. The benefits don’t seem obvious at the start but as your child becomes familiar with the format she/he will really develop through and you will notice the difference – just as I have."

Sandra-Tiny Turns Mum

"My son was reluctant to join anything, but absolutely loves Sarah's classes. Sarah picked up on his love for all things Captain Hook related and before we knew it he was deep in preparation for his end of term pirate play. This has been so good for his confidence and the imagination continues at home."
Lisa-Tiny Turns Mum