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  1 - Play In A Day
These are specially written short plays for ages 7yrs upwards. It could be based on a text being studied or a choice from our vast selection. These days are full of teamwork and fun and we ensure every student plays an integral part. Drama games and focus exercises are included and the day ends with a performance, off-script.

2 - Themed drama workshops
For 4yrs upwards based on any chosen theme. Theses can run length required, an hour, a day, a week or a term.

3 - Focus drama workshops in education or in business.
For teachers this workshop allows teachers to apply games and techniques to great effect in the classroom. The workshop aims to broaden teachers repertoire of games, team building and focus exercises. In business the workshops focus on team building, pitching presentation, body language and public speaking.

4 - Speech and confidence building workshops
Small group sessions which aim to develop confidence and speech, particularly for children who have difficulty in this area.

5 - Multi Arts Project
A project composing music, painting picture's and acting. Based on a particular Artist of choice, we discover emotions, tune's and artwork culminating in a performance . This workshop requires a minimum of two days but is usually run over a week with specialised practitioners running workshops in all areas. DVD available on request.